7 Secret Intraday Course for Stock Options, Cash and Future cover

7 Secret Intraday Course for Stock Options, Cash and Future

Secrets which no one tells you !!

Intraday Strategies for Morning, Mid & Closing Hours ,Based on Price Action & Open Interest (No Indicators) for Trade in Stock Options, Cash & Future.

Course Duration : 1 Month (Rejoining Free upto 6 Months)

No Advisory services are provided by our Training !! We only share our knowlege for educational & learning purpose for understanding technical analysis & chart reading !!

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Instructor: Jimmy and Anish - Founders of StockAce

Language: English and Hindi

Validity Period: 365 days

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What is 7 Secret Intraday Course?

  • Intraday Strategies for Morning, Mid & Closing Hours !! So that any time you can trade as per your time availability.
  • This is a bundle of 7 Powerful Intraday strategies which explains you, how the Smart Money Makers (Big Players, Institutions, HNIs) trading and manipulating the market moves. These Easy & Logical Strategies are based upon simple Price Action Concepts & Open Interest. These strategies can be applied in Stock Market for Cash and F&O Segments. 
  • So, basically We will teach you the Powerful way to identify the Stock & Entry , Targets Stop Loss etc . We also provide you the scanners, Tools to select the stocks. You don't need any paid software or paid subscription for any website for scanning the Stocks. 
  • Stocks can be selected from Scanners any time at between 9:20 AM to 1:30 PM for Intraday Trading as per your time convenience. We have observed that 80% time stocks move one sided & with 90% Accuracy.
  • These Strategies are practical and simple, which are aimed to help you in real trading. Any one can understand & Any one can trade.
  • At the end of this course, you will be able trade independently in Intraday Trading.
  • You can start trading with minimum capital of just Rs 20,000/-

Who Can Join This Course?

Infact anyone can Join this course, whether you are a Student, Beginner or Experienced in Stock Market, Doctor, Engineer, Retired Person, Homemaker, Business Person or Working Professional ect. Because, we teach from basic level of Technical Analysis and move to this unique strategy.

Why You Should Join This Course?  

  • We have more than 3300+ satisfied students who have enrolled our courses and it's keep growing!! 
  • If you want to become the maker of your own destiny, you must take a step ahead to invest in this course.

👍 Benefits of The Course :👍

💠You will learn 7 Powerful secret concepts for Intraday Trading Strategis

💠These strategies are well back-tested and well proven with past 5 years of chart and data analysis

💠This course will help you to become Independent trader (No dependency on tips/advisory)

💠Logical Selection of Stocks from chartink scanners to save your time

💠No Paid Software and no paid subscription required

💠ONE YEAR - Hand-holding and Live Market Support 

💠Different strategies for different time period of market

What You Will Get With This Course?

  • Live Webinars : 4 Live Webinars in a month, Click here to check Upcoming Webinar Schedule , Recordings of webinar will be provided.
  • Pre-Recorded Videos : This course has lectures apart from Live webinars.
  • Live Market Support :  For Live Market Practice we provide Support and Handholding Channel Access on Telegram App for ONE YEAR. we provide charts & reading in live market for understading.
  • Re-joining of Course : You can attend our Live Webinars up-to next 6 Months for FREE.
  • Scanner Links, Notes and Study Material and all other Material which are needed to make you Independent Profitable Trader.
  • 34 Case Studies :- How the Stocks are Selected, Entry , exit decision in the Live Market.

So lets meet in the Course !! Enroll Now

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