Level-3 (Intraday)

Level - 3 Course - Super Day Trader Program (For Intraday Trading)

Welcome Traders !!!

Thank you for enrolling the StockAce premium program. 

If you have not yet watched the Level -1 and Level – 2 videos , we recommend you to watch all the Videos before starting the Level -3 Module. This module will give you Pro level knowledge of stock market trading and investment by using StockAce strategies and set-ups. These videos contain StockAce Strategies and Set-ups which will help you to identify the Entry & Exit levels.

It is recommended that you watch all the videos multiple times before you start trading in the Stock, Commodity and Forex Market.

What you will learn after watching the all videos. 


1. StockAce Intraday Jackpot Strategy – Applicable for Cash, Future and ATM Option Segments. 

2. StockAce Intraday Stock Firing Strategy- 1 (VWAP+Candlestick) – Applicable for Cash and Future Segment & Selected Stock Option.

3. StockAce Intraday Stock Firing Strategy- 2 – Applicable for Cash and Future Segment

4. StockAce Classic Intraday Strategy – Based on Support & Resistance -Applicable for Cash and Future Segment.

5. StockAce Option Firing Strategy – Applicable for Index and Stock Option for Intraday Trading. 

Happy Learning & Enjoy the StockAce Level -3 Sessions!!

Confidentiality Warning : 

Confidential Videos & Documents. Please do not share or give to anyone.

Any act of copying, reproducing and/or distributing this information in part or edited online, offline with anyone, and/or in any website, for any purpose without written permission of StockAce’s Trainers, the owner of www.stockace.in , is strictly prohibited and shall be deemed to be copyright infringement. Copyright laws are very strict and can have severe consequences if broken. 

The strategies in this course must be done on your or your spouse personal trading account only. This is an educational course not an advisory service.

We trust you will respect the hard work done by us to research & improve the concept and strategies.

We have inbulit sercurity software which track your StockAce ID and IP address from where you watch the videos and we can also track if you attempt to copy the videos. In any case, if we find you attempt to copy the videos, future services (Any update regarding change in the Strategy / Premium Stock Market Analysis) from StockAce will be abonded immediately for you and StockAce has right to take legal action against you.

Lets begin ...


1.StockAce Intraday Jackpot Strategy (90%+ Accuracy)

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2. StockAce- Stock Firing Strategy- 1 (VWAP+CandleStick)

3. StockAce- Stock Firing Strategy- 2 Updated Version

4. StockAce- Classic Intraday Strategy (for Trending Market)

5. StockAce- Option Firing Strategy (90%+ Accuracy)

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Strategy 1 : StockAce Intraday Jackpot Strategy  Click Here to download

Strategy 2 : StockAce Intraday -Stock Firing Strategy -1 (VWAP+Candlestick Pattern) – Study Material not required, explained in video.

Strategy 3 : StockAce Intraday -Stock Firing Strategy -2 (Indicators based) – Study Material not required, explained in video.

Strategy 4 : StockAce Intraday -Classic Strategy based on Support and Resistance –  Click Here to download

Strategy 5 : StockAce Option-Firing Strategy –  Click Here to download


Strategy 1 : Intraday Jackpot Strategy. – Scanners

For Top Gainers/ Top Losers – Click here

For Index Analysis –Click here

For Open=High 


For Open=Low


Strategy 2: Stock Firing Strategy (1) using VWAP & Candle Stick Pattern-  Scanners

For Intraday Buying (Long)

For Intraday Selling (Short)

Strategy 3: Stock Firing Strategy (2) (Updated Version)-  Scanners

For Intraday Buying (Long) :


For Intraday Selling (Short) :


Strategy 4: StockAce Classic Set-up –  Scanners

For Intraday Buying (Long) :



For Intraday Selling (Short) :



Note : Chartink Alert Frequency can be set at 3 Min or 5Min. for all our Intraday scanners.

Strategy 5 : Intraday Option Firing Strategy. – Scanners – Query shown below in Image

For Buying CE (Call)

For Buying PE (PUT)

How to apply Chartink Scanner Alert- Click here to learn.

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