Stock Option Firing Course for Short Term Trading
Stock Option Firing Course for Short Term Trading cover

Stock Option Firing Course for Short Term Trading

A Complete Course to Trade Stock Options for Regular Income Generation

Instructor: Jimmy and Anish - Founders of StockAce

Language: English & Hindi

Validity Period: 365 days

₹20000 64% OFF

₹7080 including 18% GST

Stock Option Firing Course

for Short Term

This Course for Short term Trading in Stock Options !!

Benefits of The Course :

💠5 Powerful secret Strategies for Short Term Stock Option Trading.

💠Course Duration : 1 Month (Rejoining Free Upto 12 Months).

💠Webinar Schedule : Weekend Saturday & Sunday : 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

💠Number of Live Sessions in a Month : 4

💠Basics to advanced Level.

💠ONE YEAR - Hand-holding and Live Market Support 

💠Option Premium Learning Channel Access for Trading Support

💠Live Webinars  + Pre-Recorded Sessions + Webinar Recording Access for 2 Years

💠Live Market Sessions for better understanding - Two Sessions per week.

💠Well back-tested and well proven with past 5 years of chart and data analysis

💠help you to become Independent trader

💠 No dependency on tips/advisory

💠Logical Selection  of Stocks from chartink scanners/Scanners to save your time

💠No Paid Software and no paid subscription required

💠 Extra Assistance to recover Course  Fee in just 15 Days : capital of 35k to 50k

Course Curriculum :

1. Basics of Stock Markets
2. Basics of Option
3. Five Powerful Strategies for Short Term (Swing) Trading in Stock Option Based on Price Action & Few Indicator for more confirmation
4. How to Select Stocks from Scanners
5. How to Select Strike Price for Trading
6. How to Decide Entry ,Exit & Targets , Trailing
7. Risk Management , Money Management
8. Position Sizing
9. How to develop Right Mindset & Trading Psychology.
Who Can Join This Course?

Anyone can Join whether you are a Student, Beginner or Experienced in Stock Market, Doctor, Engineer, Retired Person, Homemaker, Businessperson or Working Professional etc.. Because we teach from basic level of Technical Analysis and move to this unique strategy.

Why You Should Join This Course?

ØWe have more than 4600 + satisfied students who have enrolled our courses and it's keep growing!! 
ØIf you want to become the maker of your own destiny, you must take a step ahead to invest in this course.
What will you Get with this program?
Short Term Stock Option Training : 5 Strategies
Accuracy : 90% +++
Capital Requirement : 40k Minimum
 Everything which is required to make   you Independent Short-Term Profitable  Trader. 

Video Lectures          

Live Webinar on Week-ends

Live Market Trading : Every week                 

Complete System to Trade

World Class Support System                          

Scanners & Methods to select Stocks

You will not need more than that !! This is totally Value for Money.

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