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Trader, Investor & Trainer

Chartered Accountant with 13+ Years of Trading & Investing Experience

Anish is the co-founder of StockAce Training. He is Qualified Chartered Accountant. He is an active Successful Stock Market Trader and he is a Master Trainer in the areas of Fundamental analysis, trading psychology. He is been trading since the age of 22 years, He has faced lot of challenges in trading and finally achieved the Success and became a professional Trader. He is been training and many people from various backgrounds and helped them become consistent Profitable traders. He trains from his heart & one of the most powerful speakers. Stock Market Trading is his Passion.


Trader, Investor & Trainer

MBA in Finance with 15+ Years of Trading & Investing Experience

Jimmy is the co-founder of StockAce Training and He is MBA & having fantastic knowledge about Stock Market Technical Analysis. He believe that Stock Market trading can be possible at almost 80%- 100% Accuracy, if you know correct method of Stock Selection and Correct System. His interest is reading books relating to stock Market and relating to Mind-set, Motivations. He is Stock Market Trader mainly known for Intraday & Swing Trading expert. He is a powerful & enthusiastic Speaker & always motivate his students to become a pro trader. He has 10 Years of experience in the Stock Market and learnt from many of good trainers in the Industry, Now he is developed his own way of stock market trading & teaching the same to the students and helping then to become professional trader.


Limited Batch Size

Limited Students per batch for closure attention. Easy to understand Language in Hindi & English

Live Sessions

We provide Interactive Live webinars for teaching our Strategies with lots of Live examples of our real trade

Video Recording

Recorded videos will be provided to students for life time, so that you can revise any time.

Simple and Effective

We teach you the world's simple trading Strategy so that anyone can earn effortlessly

Trusted Brand 

StockAce is known as Trusted Brand among trader's community and also known for accurate analaysis

Free Re-Joining

if you face any difficulty in learning, you can join our Next Batch Free of cost upto 6 months.

High Performance

We teach High Performance Trading Strategy. With our guidance high level of accuracy is Possible.

Support & Handholding

We provide you the extended Live Market Strategy Support for your trading.

Satisfied Students

StockAce maintain the Hightest level Satisfaction to it's students by providing best services.




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